Home Automation

Stay connected to what matters most. Be in two places at once. Unlock your front door from half a world away. Check on your pets during the day. Sit in a meeting and know your children are home safe.  Nexia™ Home Intelligence helps you stay connected to your home and the people and possessions you hold dear—all from a single app.

Nexia is about finding balance in life. About streamlining daily tasks and solving problems.  Most of all, Nexia is about connections.  To our homes and the people and possessions we value.

It’s those connections that drive us. In fact, they motivated Nexia’s entire design. We wanted to help people find a way to stay connected to what matters most.

We believe every home should be a connected home. That’s why we made Nexia not only affordable, but also easy to install and use. And if our subscribers need help, they can count on us to be there for them.

We also believe a connected home should be a reflection of each subscriber’s lifestyle—instead of what some designer or developer thinks it should be. That’s why Nexia uses open architecture and cloud technology, integrates with today’s most innovative brands, and offers a free downloadable app that provides for more than just remote control. With Nexia, you choose how you want it to fit into your home and family’s life. You choose which Z-Wave enabled products integrate into your household. And you choose the automations and triggers to make those products respond to your needs.

Finally, we believe Nexia should work for many years to come. The feedback we receive from subscribers continually helps us make enhancements and upgrades. We know that the more functional and compatible Nexia becomes, the more it becomes truly yours.